More About Me

Better and Better

My prism is simple. Live life as if everything you do will eventually be known so you can count on exemplary service and honesty whether you're buying or selling.

For sellers...count on years of experience in professional photography and advertisng coupled with years of real experience, paint the perfect picure for your buyer to pay your the best and highest price for the home you're so proud of!

Buyer clientele will enjoy my over-the-top technical skills that will make finding the perfect home not only easy but fun as well! I just completed my 3 year term as a Director on CT Statewide Multiple Listing Service's Board of Directors and continue to serve on the MLS Technical Committe as I have for the past 9 years so you can be assured I remain on the cutting edge of the industry both locally and globally.

I never work alone. I've worked side-by-side with my partner, Broker Associate Gigi Giordano for 8 years. We never compete with each other so you are truly getting two professionals for the price of one in every case. Being sick or on vacation will never impede the success of your sale or level of service.

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Become part of our success. It's a shore thing!™

On the Personal Side

While never a prerequisite, working with people with the same love of life and interests makes tasks things that much more fun for everyone so I'd like to tell you all the things I love to do! I'll start with one of my favorite things to do and that is capturing life through a lens. I've been a part-time professional photographer for 40 years! It's a big help in real estate but I love photos of so much more. Given I love to fly (I fly out of Chester Airport), drones are part of that. The advent of drones to the world brought me from just still life images to the world of video in a very exciting way! 

In 2016 I got out of Nikon and went all in for a Sony a7RII mirrorless and all new Zeiss lenses. Incredible. 4k stabilized killer video plus 42 megapixel razor sharp stills. But there's more to life than this. 

I love tech in all ways from making both my primary and vacation home smart. Using tech makes my love of baking and cooking that much more dynamic and fun too! I can learn any new technique or find great new recipes anywhere, anytime. We are a "scratch made" house...meaning we don't buy anything made. Every loaf of bread, roll, string of pasta, ice cream, desserts, are all from scratch. Every meal. 

I love to sky dive and scuba dive, have filled passports with world, travel, love to sail and boating in general, hang gliding, soaring, and exploring the US by hitting the road with my bride of 18 years.